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The End of the World.  
01:37am 27/08/2010
Ok, I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I needed to get this out in the open.

The other day, I had possibly the worst dream I'd had in a VERY long time. The instant I woke up, the first words out of my mouth were "just a dream, thank God!." What happened, you ask?

The Internet broke.

Ok, get the laughter out of your system. "Oh noes, no more interwebs! What a horrible dream!"

Done now?

Ok, now take a second and consider the connotations. How much do we use the internet-- not just as an entertainment medium, but as the basis for our JOBS. You know, income, banking, etc? And in the dream, not only did the internet itself fail, but every other method of communications broke down. No phones, not even radio. Within a day, the entire population of the United States was at a standstill. We stood at the threshold of a nationwide apocalypse-- no communications= no industry, no production/distribution, no organization. It wasn't going to be long, in my dream anyway, for the power to go out, too. We were about to be in a state of pre-tech, with a society that is utterly unequipped for such a scenario.

Shortly, we were in a state of meltdown, a state of apocalypse, and, to make matters even worse, NO DECREASE IN POPULATION.

Now I know why Stephen King wrote post-apocalypse novel "The Stand" in such a way as to kill off about 90% of the population, and why most zombie movies and such do the same. Can you imagine the implications of losing all civilization with the sheer number of people living in the United States alone? Without industrialization and preservation for FOOD ALONE, millions would STARVE. Soon, the people who rose to the top wouldn't be the best or the brightest-- it would be the most well-armed and power-hungry. Winter would kill so much of the population, while aforementioned scum of mankind would pare down the population further-- it would be the most brutal culling of gentle natures and tech-educated minds in the history of humankind. I'd like to believe Americans above such savagery, but can we really say that our society ISN'T three good meals away from brutality?

So, in the dream, I did all I could do-- without tech, my store was meaningless, so I went back home. We all kind of hung around, stunned at the developments and paralyzed by the inability to do anything or know what was going on nationwide. I finally sighed and said "I don't want to just have a pity party or anthing but . . . tech was my whole life. All my skills relate to it and without it, what am I going to do?"

It was about then I woke up and was very greatful.

So, why write about it at all? Three reasons.

1) Upon waking, I do realize that I do have a LITTLE more to me than just tech skills (and gaming skillz ^_^) but could afford to know more.

2) It would do us all a good turn to remember how much our society sits on the blade of a sharp sword, so easily sliced by the slightest misstep. There is currently a bill in the works that would allow the government power to shut down the internet "during emergencies." This CANNOT happen-- far too much power for too many people I don't think any of us should trust-- I don't care what political flavor you fancy, I don't think any of us would be comfortable sharing a living space with these people let alone giving them control over MASS COMMUNICATION!

and finally

3) Because in the dream, this whole shitstorm began . . . TODAY. 8/27/10.

So . . . yeah. REALLY hoping I'm not Cassandra.

Hoping it's all a pack of shit and that I can see you online again soon,

mood: nervousnervous
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Cosplay Progress!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!  
03:33am 10/05/2010
Yes, I DID actually get stuff DONE!!!!!!!!!

Pics or it didn't happen . . .Collapse )
Can't wait to get together with the group!!! UNCLE TUSKY FOREVER!!!!!

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RE: Kick Ass  
01:56am 28/04/2010
Ok, so there will be spoilers under the tag-- PLEASE don't read until you see "Kick Ass"-- the film is amazing and you deserve to go unspoiled!

BIG SPOILERS!!!!!Collapse )

Anyway, I've ranted long enough. Go see "Kick Ass" . . . and I'm kinda hoping for "Hit Girl Begins" as a spin off . . .


mood: contemplativecontemplative
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Squee!!! Better than it sounds meme!!  
11:06pm 24/04/2010
Better Than It Sounds Meme!!!

Pick 10 movies/anime/video games/literary works, post their summaries from Better Than It Sounds, and have your friends guess

1)  A police detective gets stalked by a freaky clown who probably doesn't exist in 1981. Knew you'd get it, dali_lamb !!

2)  A Mountie and his deaf, lip-reading dog are sent to clean up the streets of America... politely. paradoxymoron 

3) A spinoff of a kids' show, with all the sex and blood left out of said predecessor added back in, plus some extra for good measure. Follows the adventures of a team comprising a loudmouth immortal who pretends to be an American, an annoying undead doctor, a quiet Japanese scientist, an even quieter tourist information office worker, and an ex-police officer. They fight aliens. And they're all bisexual. Good one, tehboypop !

4) Time-travelling ghosts teach a cheap old British guy to be less of an asshole. emmylouangel 

5) Thanks to a discontinued sports car, a boy nearly commits incest with his mother after teaching his father how to use violence. All their lives improve as a result. emmylouangel 

6) Orphan discovers his parents enrolled him in boarding school before they died. He kills one of his teachers and doesn't want to go home for the summer. He's the hero. paradoxymoron 

7) A teenage boy is made to fight his father and the local gods in between two timelines in order to free a girl from an alien parasite monster. Beating the final boss triggers the bad ending.  emmylouangel 

8) Player Killing in an MMORPG is Serious Business.

9) Man is betrayed by his best friend. Twice. They're still friends at the end of the game. In addition, the man eventually has to help his brother defeat an evil guy who lives in a fortress on the moon.

10) Immortals try to get back at another Immortal for being a prick.This is accomplished by making the player cry like a little girl.

Can you guess?

mood: bouncybouncy
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It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!!!  
01:38am 24/12/2009
Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I've had my tree up for weeks-- and NOW IT HAS PRESENTS!!!

Not only that, but I finished up the little gifties for my guys at work:

And what was within these lovely Christmas Stockings?

Candy, Toys, and even a Christmas CD burned by yours truly! Ahhh, so satisfying . . . Now that I'm all done, everything's wrapped, all the stockings hung . . . I still have to freaking work today, but at least everything's done . . .

So, I guess I'll be packing all the presents up then hitting the hay for the night. All of you-- have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you get all the presents you want and a chance to relax! Lots of love to all of you!!
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Heya Miri--  
07:09pm 08/12/2009
@ Miri: Since you disabled comments on your post-- *hugs* I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Hope things get better!

mood: optimisticoptimistic
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Stolen from James . . .  
12:51am 21/11/2009
If you and I woke up in jail together... Using only 4 words, what you would say to me? (Copy and paste to your LJ and see what replies you get!)
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QUESTION MEME-- cuz I likes them . . .  
11:25am 06/11/2009
Wilma's set:

# I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
# Update your journal with the answers to the questions
# Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1.) Why do you love the Sixth Doctor so much out of all of them?

I suppose it began as kind of a backlash against people who just hateHateHATED him-- with his crazy coat and insane antics. At first, I kind of had to agree, since most of his episodes were crap. Then, me and Dad watched "Vengeance on Varos," expecting it to be awful. We were pleasantly surprised to find it totally awesome, which showed me what a good Doctor Colin Baker COULD have been with better scripts! Then I started listening to the audio adventures, where he HAS better scripts and fell in love! I guess part of it stems from the fact that if _I_ was the Doctor, I'd probably be 6: Brash, egotistical, attention-seeking, a little ridiculous, and, at all times, feeling a bit superior to everything around him. Did I mention he can sing? The latest audio of his I listened to had him singing " I am the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer" . . .

2.) Throughout our lives, you've had an obsession with keeping your hat & feet covered. Explain that to the fullest.

Hrm, a tough one. It COULD stem from the fact that, of all the pains you can inflict on me, hurting my feet or my eyes are the worst-- thus good shoes and hats (to shade from the sun). I'm also a creature of habit-- once I fall into one it is deucedly hard to break. And . . . I like hats!

3.) If you could have any job, what would that be?

Easy-- I'd get paid to tell people my opinion, at length. A critic is probably the closest REAL life job, but in the realm of fantasy I'd have someone follow me with a camera as I expound upon just about ANYTHING and let THEM edit it together while I take a nap. Ahhhhh bliss . . .

4.) Do you have any secret passions that even I know don't know of?

Do you know how much I like pickled eggs? ^_^

Seriously, lemme think-- well, it may not be THAT secret, but I DO watch just about EVERY video on "That Guy With the Glasses,"-- EVERY day . . . I can't just pick and choose like you guys do . . .

And, believe it or not, I don't have that many secrets-- I'm WAY too vocal and nerdy about the things I like!

5.) What is your opinion on living in Daville--is it all that bad?

You know what? Not really. Danville is a hicky little place with stink people galore, but the rent is cheap and people tend to leave me alone when I'm not at work-- so it's pretty sweet. I LOVE my apartment to pieces-- everything is so set up to my standards. The only thing I'd like is more space. ^_^

Iffin anyone else wants questions, just ask . . .


mood: awakeawake
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My own personal E3  
09:03am 16/09/2009
Warning: the following is about my trip to the annual Gamestop conference in Las Vegas. It concerns my awesome adventures AND a lot of video games-- skim if you just wanna hear about my awesomeness!

My Vendor training and parties!Collapse )

SOOOO, after a long couple of days, I got to go to the eXpo. To give you an idea, imagine Anime Central's dealer room, except it has a ton of game demos set up, some free swag, and a pasta bar to feed you set up along the perimeter. The VERY FIRST THING I DID was get in line for the Tim Schafer autographs . . .

WOW, what a nice guy! It was early in the night and there he was, signing autographs and listening to us all tell about how we liked him! I was one of about 10 people I could see carrying copies of "Psychonauts" for him to sign-- I really hope he was pleased! Right before I got  up there, I could see the EA personell pulling him aside for a sec, pretty much to tell him to hurry things up because the line was HUGE (again, glad I went there first!!). That didn't stop him from still being super-awesome! As he signed my cover, I told him how I preordered it and bought it day one. "This is that same copy?" he asked me-- "Oh yeah--" I replied.

I also told him how I had gotten Wilma to play this game (though it's not really her favorite genre) and how I was gonna have her play "Brutal Legend," too (which I also told him I had preorded and was gonna pick up day one as well. He really seemed happy about that-- if's a bit hard to read on the scan, but the signature reads "Hey Liz-- thanks for playing!" above Raz's head, his signature at the bottom, with the added captions "And thanks for having your sister play!!" After that, before leaving his illustrious presence, rather than recieve a handshake, I was audacious enough to ask for a hug-- which was quite happily receved and granted . . .

So . . . cash . . .

*basks in Tim Schafer glory . . .*

So after asking him to PLEASE never stop making games, I played a few games, going around the room to get my "eXpo passport" stamped so I could get this awesome T-shirt featuring our Gamestop Bunny (who was christened "Buck" -- yes, Buck the Bunny . . .) I gave "Ace Attorney: Investigations"  a whirl (GREAT!), played "Scribblenauts" (didn't I tell you you needed to buy this game PRONTO!!??), tried out the "Saw" game (for fans and torture-porn peeps only--ick), tried this little underground game called "Dreamkiller" (an FPS about a psychiatrist chick who fights mental demons in her patients's psyche-- a bit generic but solid controls and visuals), played "Borderlands" (ZOMG AWESOME!), played "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" (I died a lot . . .), and, of course, played "Brutal Legend" (do you really have to ask?) I stopped by the MadCatz booth for their drawing, and happened to win a brand new PINK Wii-mote and Nunchuck!! SUPER AWESOME!

I also had a picture taken at the Disney Interactive booth:

Mmmmm . . . dat car!

Anyway, it was a nice eXpo and I went to bed feeling a little sad that there was nothing left but the regional meetings (to prepare for Christmas and stuff ) . . .boy, was I in for a surprise!

The grand finale!Collapse )


mood: ecstaticecstatic
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Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy  
11:29am 17/08/2009
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
Two Pikachus on an hourglass!! ^_^
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